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You are not quite sure yet?
We clarify with our FAQs!

  • Why should I become a part of UniVision?
    Being part of UniVision means to broaden your knowledge and network and working with your team on interesting projects together with international companies. You will be able to apply and prove your expertise and develop ideas that will make you grow and gain experience. Create together with your team innovative solutions which will not only take the case company further but also yourself. Besides our project work we also have fun planing workshop or organizing the next Red Cube event at our university. Through these events we collect together as UniVision good memories that stay with us for a lifetime.
  • When can I apply?
    Feel free to send us your CV to If you want, you can also attach a short motivational letter (approximately 200 words) to let us know, why you want to be part of UniVision.
  • Which department can I apply for?
    UniVision consists of following departments: Marketing & Communication Legal & Finance Operations IT Architecture You can apply for any department you would like to work for. Gather experiences not only during projects but also in organizing daily business within your department. Organize events, workshops and more cool things together with the whole UniVision team.
  • What are the requirements to become a member?
    You are motivated, curious and ambitious? You are a Bachelor’s or Master’s Student at the University of Liechtenstein? Then you are exactly the right one for UniVision! Apply now and become a member of a dynamic, ambitious and innovative consulting team.
  • How long does a project take?
    How long a project takes is agreed with the case company in advance. Usually, a project takes between 3-6 months (approximately one semester).
  • Can I work at a company and be part of UniVision?
    Our experience shows that working on projects while studying and working is well feasible. The projects are a great way to balance work and study. Let your creativity run free and work on innovative solutions with a cool project team.
  • How many students make up a project team?
    The number of team members depends on the scope of the project. Usually 3-4 students work together on a project.
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